A day drive to Bear Mountain & Brooklyn Bridge

On a chilly afternoon of 22nd December 2016 after a major snowfall. We decided to go plan a trip because frankly, we were getting bored. So my roommates and I decided to go to Bear Mountain. But everyone said that bear mountain looks good at the time of fall. Winter, it will be freezing, and it will not look good as all the tree would have shed the leaves because of cold. Still, we decided to take a chance and go to Bear Mountain on 23rd of December.  As bear mountain was not far from Stamford, we agreed that we will make a stop at Newyork city to see the Brooklyn bridge.

Bear Mountain is just 2 hours drive from Stamford, and it’s really scenic drive because covered with a tree on both sides of the road. As it did snow 2 days earlier both the side of the road was covered with snow, so it was looking beautiful.

Bear Mountain has few places to see in the winter.

  • Ice skating open in early December.
  • Bear Mountain scenic drive. (the mountain was half cover in white

Below are some pictures which I was able to capture.

After we finished the Bear Mountain State Park, We headed towards Brooklyn Bridge. To catch some sunset glimpse. It’s a straight drive to New York City. Below are the images from the Brooklyn Bridge

I believe everyone should go to Bear Mountain State Park after the snow, It looks amazing.

All the very best !!! Keep traveling.

Will be posting soon more blogs.

Signing Off

Manoj Singh

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