A day trip to Botanical Garden Brooklyn & Weehawken

Springtime on the east coast is the best time to see flowers bloom, but the best one is Cherry Blossom (Sakura). So we decided to go to see the flowers at Brooklyn Botanical Garden. It’s situated in the heart of Newyork.

April 8th, 2017

We started around 12 pm from Stamford towards Brooklyn, It was crazy traffic because there was three accident on i95 which caused the traffic jam. But somehow we reached Brooklyn Botanical Garden, and it took almost 30 mins to find the parking, We were trying to locate the parking on the street. So we parked the car and started towards the garden. But outside of the Botanical Garden, there was 5 Cherry blossom tree, they were in a circle as it was a perfect sunny day at a freezing temperature. The Cherry Blossoms was shining like crystal.

Here are some of the pictures which I was able to capture.



One of the top spot to see the Newyork skyline just come by sunset and you can see a fantastic view of the Newyork Night Skyline.


After spending almost an hour on a chilly evening, we thought to go to Time Square. I will say a person who comes to Newyork he has to visit Time Square at night, It is a fantastic place to be in. I clicked some pictures too.


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