Aspen, Colorado !!!

September 28th to 30th Weekend I hope everyone was able to get out and have a great fall color this year. It certainly was the best weekend of the season in terms and weather and color. Aspen, CO is one of the places in my bucket list, so it took almost 2 years to plan... Continue Reading →

Spring is Here !!!

Everyone asks me what the places you can visit in Spring Time. So I am putting my choices on the front. You all can decide which place you want to visit. As been said. "Spring is nature's way of saying let's party." -- Robin Williams Here are my some picks which I believe will be best.... Continue Reading →

Weekend Trip to Washington

On July of 26th 2017, my sister and I were deciding to go and visit her university where she got her Ph.D. As the college is located in Virginia, Fairfax which is just 20 miles from Washington. We decided to make a weekend trip and visit both the places. We fixed the date of June 29th and... Continue Reading →

A day trip to Boston & Rhode Island

On a lovely chilling, Friday evening 11th November 2016. My roommates on a cup of tea and I were discussing its been a long time we didn't go out for an outing or a trip. As the October is a very stressing month for any IT engineers calendar year, we successfully completed that month. And our trips and... Continue Reading →

New Zealand ( A beauty within)

It has been my dream from childhood to travel to New Zealand and see the beauty myself. I am a nature lover, and New Zealand is the best place in the globe. If you want to see the nature at its best colors and shape, New Zealand is only the place to be. In November of 2011, myself and my... Continue Reading →

Newyork Skyline

Newyork skyline is one of the best skylines and tops the chart on the list. There are many places to see the horizon, the main island is Manhattan, and then you have Brooklyn. I have been too few places I will name those places and share some pictures. Hope it helps everyone who plans to... Continue Reading →


As the name says, it's all "An enthusiastic amateur photographer." I started clicking pictures when there was a 36 MM film roll. The same 36mm has changed to Digital Sensor. But remains the same size 36 mm. Which in the photography world called as full frame DSLR. My first DLSR was 550D with 18-55mm EFS Lens.... Continue Reading →


The term iPhonegraphy means the act of creating art with photos, and where both pictures are shot and processed at iPhone. This term relates to me because I love to capture the nature on my iPhone. The only reason I am iPhone fan is that of the ease of taking a high-quality picture and editing it... Continue Reading →

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