My first trip, After coming to the USA

I arrived on 20th Feb 2016 to East Coast of USA. As Feb is peak time for snowfall. I was not able to go on any trip or outing. So on March 19th, we decided to visit someplace which is a great thing to kick of my USA stay.  So we decided to go to New Hope, it’s a tiny European style town between the border of New Jersey and Philidelphia. I was excited about the trip. So the plan was to pick my friend from jersey city and then head to New Hope and then visit NYC and then come back to Stamford.

Stamford >> Jersey City >> New Hope >> Newyork City >> Jersey City >> Stamford

Jersey City:- My friend use to stay near the waterfront, So we been that place to see to see the skyline of New York.



New Hope:-  This town is really tiny, and the structure of the city is like some old European old town. It has all small cafe, loads of antiquities shops. It has a famous Irish pub. If you have some time, please do visit this places it really beautiful. And the best part is that it separates the two states of Newjersey and Philidelphia. Here are some pictures which I was able to manage to capture.



Then we decided to go to NYC to see Time square. This was the first time for me to see Time square at night. It was a well-spent day with my friends and family.



New Hope is a must visit, Especially around Feb.



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