Trip of Lavender By the Bay & Long Island (NY)

Last year July we decided to go to the Lavender Farm to see the lavender blooms but unfortunately, something came up, and we were not able to go. But this year on 15th July 2017 we decided to go and see the lavender blooms. We decided to go to the farm name called Lavender by The Bay. It’s almost 2 hours drive from Stamford. It is situated in the Long Island of New York, as it was far from Stamford we decided to go to one of the beaches and spend the evening there.

So I started doing some research on the farm. Looks like the best time to go was 4th of July weekend. And I thought I have missed this year also, so we decided to take a chance and go.

Lavender by The Bay Farm (16th July 2017)                    **Must Vist**

It is a small and beautiful farm. The first thing was it was free entry for everyone. There was no entry fee for anyone who wants to come and see the lavender blooms. And we were lucky the 75% of the flowers were still intact, rest 25% were already harvested. But still, the place was so beautiful, green and lavender in color. The purple flowers have an overpowering smell so only it attracts loads of honey bees. So you will see loads of honey bee sitting on the flowers. Don’t have to get scared just don’t disturb then they won’t sting you. Drones are not allowed, but the camera is allowed, please make sure you have a very good camera for you to capture the beautiful shots.

Things to carry.

  • Water Bottel
  • Sunscreen
  • Umbrella
  • Cash (to buy fresh cut lavender from the farm store)
  • Camera

The best time to go to the Lavender by The Bay farm is around 4th of July weekend that time only the Lavenders are in full bloom.

Here is the website for the farm

Here are some shots which I managed to capture.

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