Newyork Skyline

Newyork skyline is one of the best skylines and tops the chart on the list. There are many places to see the horizon, the main island is Manhattan, and then you have Brooklyn. I have been too few places I will name those places and share some pictures. Hope it helps everyone who plans to see the Skyline.


Hudson River Waterfront Walkway (Jersey City, NJ)

It is a lovely walkway it’s an excellent place to walk and to see the Newyork skyline, you can see in the daytime and at night, but at night the horizon looks beautiful.



Weehawken Waterfront Park and Recreation Center

This park has a small football field, and there is a racetrack too, and there is a walkway in front of the ground which directly opposite to Newyork Skyline.



Hamilton Avenue ( Weehawken. NJ)

It’s a residential area, so the best time to go at late night like after 1 am and please don’t make noise in its residential area.


Few more pics which I have taken from Brooklyn Bridge



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