As the name says, it’s all “An enthusiastic amateur photographer.” I started clicking pictures when there was a 36 MM film roll. The same 36mm has changed to Digital Sensor. But remains the same size 36 mm. Which in the photography world called as full frame DSLR. My first DLSR was 550D with 18-55mm EFS Lens. And later I decided to go for the full frame camera. Now I have the below photography gear.

  1. Canon 6D
  2. Canon EF 70-200 mm f2.8 IS USM II
  3. Canon EF 24-70 mm f2.8 IS
  4. Canon 24-70 mm f4.0 IS
  5. Canon 50mm f2.8 IS
  6. Go- Pro Hero 5
  7. Soon to be “DJI Spark”
  8. iPhone 7

Accessories Gear

  1. Manfrotto Tripod
  2. Canon EX 430 Flash
  3. Extra Batteries
  4. Hoya Filter Pack (UV, ND, CD)


DLSR Clicks !!!


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