Trip to Sandy Hook, Sea Side Park & Philidelphia Chinese Lantern Festival

On a busy afternoon, while working, I was going through some of the technical blogs. My friend pings to know some places to visit in New Jersey. So I was going through travel pages to give some good places to visit, while I am doing my trick to find the places for him. I noticed a place in New Jersey. It’s a tiny place at the east of New Jersey on the seashore. So quickly I made a note in my travel book. I did find out few places where my friend to visit. He said to me that in Philidelphia there is Chinese Lantern Festival is there which happens every year once and it’s must watch.

So I decided to plan a trip for Sunday 11th June 2017. Decided to keep the distance in a couple of miles away from Stamford. The trip was planned.

Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 11.00.44 PM

So we decided to go on Sunday, so the places were decided.

  1. Sandy Hook, NJ
  2. Sea Side Park, NJ
  3. Franklin Square, Philly

Sunday and the day started !!!! We started at 10 am in the Morning of Sunday.

Pitstop 1: – We made the first stop at Highlands New Jersey, We had lunch.

Sandy Hook, NJ

A lovely beachside, you can see the entire Manhattan skyline from the beach side, It was a sunny day, and there were a lot of folks who were traveling towards Sandy Hook. It was crowded that it had taken us almost an hour to reach the gates to buy the tickets. The ticket price is 15 dollars. We parked the card and started walking towards the beach. Something to carry if you are going to Sandy Hook, Carry Sunscreen, Beach Chair, Beach-Umbrella, and Water.  Below are some of the pics which I have taken on the Sandy Hook Beach.


so we started our drive towards Sea Side Park

Sea Side Park, NJ

It’s a beautiful drive from Sandy Hook to Sea Side Park. Sea Side Park is a place which has loads of history attached to this location. It was previously a military and a naval garrison, and I think it is part of the World War. I and it has old tanks and the battery warehouse where they use to keep the old tanks charge. It’s a beautiful drive towards the park. Once you reach the park gate, you have to pay 20 dollars as the entry fee. While driving you can see both the side water and its beach throughout the drive. Once you reach the Sea Side Park Beach, you can park the vehicle in the public parking. Or else if anyone has a four wheel drive you can take that car to the beach. It’s a beautiful beach and has the best white and fine sand. Here are some of the pictures.



Pit Stop 2: – We Stopped at Chipotle to have the evening snacks or else let’s say almost dinner.  We left for the next destination.


Franklin Square Garden ( Chinese Lantern Festival)

Once a year on the early start of the summer, the entire Franklin Square garden is lighted with the Chinese Lantern. It was wonderful, and we reached around 8 PM. The sunset was over, and it was night time, and the lanterns were looking beautiful. The entry fee for the park was 16 dollars, but it was well-spent money. Below are some of the picture. If you have kids, this is must place a visit.


Chao !!!! Saio Nara… Will keep posting…

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