Trip to Yarmouth, Cape Cod & Provincetown.

The trip on a long weekend from Stamford, on a lovely rainy day at the office. My friend in the office and I were talking about the long weekend. We thought about where to visit on the long weekend, and we decided to start some research on the places. Which we can visit, I always wanted to go to Rhode Island. But I have a different way of selecting areas. And I don’t want to give the secret on my first blog. So I started searching for the place.

So the for any trip is to know every key important thing which are

1. Budget.
2. How many days?
3. Sight-Seeing or relaxation.

Our Agenda was to do sightseeing, and it was the last moment decision. so we decided on the place Provincetown. But I decided to make this trip more excited. So we decided to add stops on the journey. Actually which had given better results when we look back to the voyage. So the plan agreed was like below.

Stamford -> Yarmouth – >  Cape Cod -> Provincetown – > Stamford ( From September 3 to September 5th 2016).

Things to carry (if in Summer or Springtime): – Sunglass, Sunscreen, Cap, Umbrella (rains sudden)

Below plan jotted down on the google maps

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 9.11.19 PM

September 3rd, 2016

So we started on September 3rd, 2016 early morning. With the lovely group along. I am not going to say the name of the roads and all. I have put all the details out on the map.

Pit Stop 1: – Our first pit stop was for breakfast on some Service Plaza, was ok breakfast and coffee from Starbucks.

Pit Stop 2: – Starbucks for Coffee Again.

GJk Viewpoint (First Place to see in the Trip)

A beautiful place, its Marshy Grasslands, and a walk to the middle of the meadows on top of the boardwalk. The day was the sunny and bright sky, a beautiful day for travel. Here are some pictures from that day.

DLSR Pictures

Pit Stop 3: – We decided for lunch, It was Mexican food, Chipotle.

Provincetown (Cape Cod)

A lovely town, a tiny town, situated in front of the beach, a nice walk on Commercial Street. It was full of people and cute coffee shops and restaurants. So we did go to the Tidal Walk and the Pilgrim Lighthouse and walk on the Commercial Street. It was a tiny place, but they fight for LGBT rights. Being there was lovely.

Recommendation: – Commercial Street Walk, The Tidal Walk, Pilgrim Lighthouse & Joe Coffee & Cafe.

Pit Stop 4: Stop:- Dinner time, We stopped on amazing countryside Pizza place Called as Bass River Pizza (Highly Recommended), It has the history of coke collected inside the store.

final stop:- Quality Inn, South Yarmouth (Cape Cod)

September 4th, 2016

Chatham (Cape Cod)

We started by visiting the Lighthouse Beach. A beautiful beach with many of the folks doing the paragliding. It’s a combination of the modern lighthouse with a beautiful big beach. Below are some of the pictures which I have taken!


Provincetown (Cape Cod)

After Chatham, we decided to head towards Provincetown. There are few things famous in Provincetown. Sea Food & Whale watching, so we decided to go whale watching. So we took the operator for whale watching is famous in the town.

Dolphin Fleet Whale Watch – Every 1 hour there is a boat that takes people out to open ocean to see the whales. I got some shots of the whale to have a look.


Provincetown (National Sea Shore, Cape Cod)

After finishing the whale watch we came back, it was almost evening. We had snacks and then drove down back to National Sear Shore Beach. With a lovely sunset to watch, we just sat down on the beach (it was chilly, Please carry jackets). I tried to capture the beauty of nature, here are some pics of the sunset.

September 5th, 2016

Falmouth (Wood Hole)

Last day of our trip, we checked out from the hotel and started back to Stamford, but on our way back we wanted to see the Nobsak Lighthouse.  so we went to the lighthouse, It was a cloudy day, but still we able to take a few good pictures.

And this we started the drive back to Stamford, It was an amazing 3 days of fun and adventure.

More Blogs to follow !!!!!

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