Alaska – The Last Frontier

Breathtaking, Spectacular, Panoramic, there are so many adjectives I can use to describe Alaska. But I think the name The Last Frontier and True Wilderness does all the justice to one of the beautiful states of the United States. This state has been on our bucket list for such a long time, But we never dared to take a step towards planning a trip to Alaska. Alaska looks breathtaking in different seasons. 

There are many reasons to go to Alaska, But I think Aurora Borealis will be everyone’s bucket list. The best time to watch Nothern lights will be from September till March. We decided to travel on September 2nd week because of the Fall season, and also driving around at this time will be easier than at the wintertime.

This year has been horrible for travel because of the pandemic, so when I started planning the trip, I had to keep that in consideration. These are the steps we took while planning the trip. 

  • At Least 6 to 7 Nights of stay so that you can cover most of the important cities for Alaska.
  • Anchorage and Fairbanks are the two cities from where all the tours are conducted. 
  • If the plan is for the fall season, then book the Rental Car well in advance. 
  • If the goal is for the Winter season, I think the best place to do all the tours will be Fairbanks. Northern Lights sighting chance is the best. 
  • Tours are the best way to see Nothern Lights, Glacier, and the Arctic Circle.
  • Our primary objective was to See Nothern Lights, Glacier, Denali National Park, and Arctic Circle. 

Our Trip Plan

We planned our trip from September 11th 2021 to September 17th 2021, Below was our Itinerary.

Chicago to Anchorage (11th Sept 2021) –> Anchorage To Denali National Park (11th Sept 2021) –> Tundra Wilderness Tour (Denali National Park) 12th Sept 2021 –> Denali to Fairbanks (13th Sept 2021) –> Fairbanks to Chenna Hot Springs (13th Sept 2021) –> Fairbanks to Arctic Circle & Northern Light Tour (14th Sept 2021) –> Fairbanks to Anchorage (15th Sept 2021) –> Anchorage to Glacier Tour (16th Sept 2021) –> Anchorage to Chicago (17th Sept 2021)

We took below tours.

  1. Arctic Circle :-
  2. Glacier Tour :-

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