Photography Smartphones & Best Apps for Photoedting

The era which we are living now is primarily dominated by smartphones. Our day to day activity is so much depended on is smartphones nowadays, for every action we have a smartphone’s app developed like for e-commerce may of the retails giants are trying to push them self to go full fledge on mobile apps. Mobile apps can be used for scheduling the appointment with a doctor to call a plumber to your home, have a shopping list handy in your smartphones, remind you when your favorite series is going to air, there so many endless uses of a mobile phones app.

The most potent use of a smartphone and its app is the camera present in that small handheld device. Instead, every one carries a DSLR or a Digital Camera, everyone has a full-fledged camera in their pocket. Photography world was redefined entirely when smartphones manufacture started producing the best camera in the world. But still, with such incredible mobile phones camera the photography app which shines the best. Apps combine themselves with the best hardware camera and give the best results.

My list of best camera smartphones

  1. Google Pixel XL2
  2. iPhone X
  3. Galaxy Note 8 / iPhone 8+ / iPhone 7+
  4. Galaxy 8
  5. iPhone 8 / iPhone 7
  6. LG V30

To support these best hardware you need some great apps to work with, which gives you best white balance, color reproduction, and saturation. The issue with all of the camera phones nowadays is that light metering and the white balance is not always accurate because a maximum of the user uses the smartphone in auto mode. So to add the best colors and the white balance you need some great photography apps. Below is my recommendation. There are paid and unpaid app so I will be adding them to my list are they paid or free app.

My list of best photo editing apps.

  1. Adobe Lightroom Mobile (Paid app):- This app is paid if you are a subscriber to Adobe Creative Cloud. The mobile app comes for free. It’s a fantastic app, any editing you do it very fewer effects the pixels of the picture, And if you sync with the cloud, you can use the Adobe Photoshop by opening the images from the Lightroom. Few photos which am posting below are edited by Mobile Lightroom.

  • Camera 360 (Paid / Unpaid App):- This app has two versions paid and unpaid, I feel unpaid is the app is enough for any average photography enthusiast.  This app has many inbuilt filters and some useful editing tools, from straightening crop to the manual editing to the saturation and the colors. Below are some images I edited using this app.

  • Instagram:- the most used app for photographs sharing, it has some good filters to add while posting the photographs. But I personally don’t use Instagram for editing the pictures.
  • Prisma:-  Beautiful sketching app, you can use it to convert any picture you have taken from your mobile camera. It has many predefined filters, which can be used to converts the images to sketches. Below are some of the pictures I have convert

  • My recommendation for the best mobile camera pictures editing app is Adobe Lightroom Mobile and Camera360.

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