New Zealand ( A beauty within)

It has been my dream from childhood to travel to New Zealand and see the beauty myself. I am a nature lover, and New Zealand is the best place in the globe. If you want to see the nature at its best colors and shape, New Zealand is only the place to be.

In November of 2011, myself and my friend Girish decided to plan travel to New Zealand. We decided to go for the New Zeland trip on Easter break around April 2012.

On those days I was staying in Sydney, Australia. New Zealand and Australia were not far it was just 3 hours flight. So we decided to hunt the places which we want to visit.

New Zeland has two island one is a north island, and another is a south island. North Island is busy because of the major cities, and it is the business hub for New Zealand.  South Island is mostly untouched and the most beautiful island of NZ. We decided to go to the South NZ, so we were finalizing the place to travel. So we decided to go to these locations on our NZ visit.

Sydney (Aus) >> Christchurch (NZ) >> Grey Mouth(NZ) >> Fox Glaciers(NZ) >> Queestown (NZ) >> Milfor Sound(NZ) >> Queenstown(NZ) >> Christchurh(NZ) >> Sydney(Aus)

Below is the Map

Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 9.24.26 PM

April is like summer in NZ. So it was beautiful and relaxed.


Christchurch April 6th, 2012 (NZ)

This was the first stop on our journey. And as we reached really late at night we just decided to call it a day and slept. Next day morning we had a train from the only train station. The Train was Tranz Alpine Train or (Tranz Scenic Railway). So we have to reach there by 8 am. As the train departure is by 8:30 am we have to get ready fast and soon.


The train journey started from Christchurch to Greymouth.

Tranz Scenic Railway 7th April 2012 ( Christchurch to Greymouth)

This train has everything, it has the right pantry car and fantastic window. The window was big, and it has an open carriage between the train for the photographers. To enjoy the view and take amazing photographs. Below are the pics which I have clicked on the Train Journey.

The train departs from the Christchurch station at 8.45 AM.

We reach Greymouth, and a person was waving our name on the platform of the station. The person was from Avis Rentals he drove us to Avis rental which was almost 10Km from the station. We did the paperwork and got the car Nissan Sunny (Old). But we were delighted because we are starting the first leg of our car journey.

Fox Glacier’s 7th April 2012 – 8th April 212 (Greymouth to Fox Glaciers)

It was an incredible drive from Greymouth to Fox Glaciers. The roads are just one lane road on both the side. And on the way, you will find so many small bridges which are made on top of the flowing stream. The reason the bridges are built so that we as human don’t disturb the natural beauty. And every bridge is just one way, one car and cross one time so this is the thumb rule when you approach the bridge almost 50 feet early please blow the horn, if you don’t hear the horn approach the bridge and blow one more horn stating you are on the bridge.

Fox Glacier was the place where Girish and I decided to do the Glacier walk. So we already booked the Glacier Walk while booking the trip. So we reached fox glacier, and we had the booking. We stayed at THE FOX GLACIER MOTEL AND HOLIDAY PARK.  Below is some pic from the evening.

8th April (Fox Glacier)

So we had early morning breakfast and started for glacier walk. They began demonstrating the safety instruction. They asked us to choose the gear which includes the helmet, gloves, shoes, wind jacket, waterproof pants. After everyone in our group had those things, we got on a bus and started our journey towards the Glacier.

After we had finished our walk, We had lunch and started the drive towards Queenstown. While driving towards Queenstown, we have found some breathtaking beauty both side of the roads. Posting some pictures of them.

We reached Queenstown, the adventure capital of the world. It has every kind of sports available for you to try. We stayed at the Mercure International Hotel in Queenstown. We reached there by 9 PM, And we went to the town center and had food in an Indian restaurant.


Milford Sound 9th April 2012

Milford sound is almost 4 hours drive from the Queenstown. When we planned our vacation, we have made our reservation before only. So we have to go to the city center and catch the bus. We started our journey with all the other traveler who came from all over the world.  The bus was designed to see the beauty of NZ while traveling.  It was a fantastic drive for 4 hours, and we reached Milford Sound. It was one of the quietest and beautiful places.

So the day ends, And we came back to the hotel, And the next day we drove back to Christchurch. And here our vacation ends. It was the best vacation of my life. Will always remember it.

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