Fall Trip (Vermont, New Hampshire)

The year 2016 was my first year on the east coast of the United States. I had so much plan to visit the places in the Fall season, but because of work, I was not able to plan my trip. Accordingly, I was disappointed, but I was trying to get some time off to see the Fall of 2016. On an October evening, I decided to look at the places which we can visit so late in the fall, as its already late in Fall. I decided to plan the trip and to try to pick the correct place where at least we can see the best colors of the season. We will say it was not the best colors while our entire trip, it was decent colors but there were some places where the lovely fall colors already passed. But it was a blessing. We saw the first snowfall of the season on this trip.

So the places we were visiting was as follows

Stamford, CT >> Harford, VT >> Mendon, VT >> Skyline Drive, VT >> Franconia Notch State Park >> Stamford CT

Screen Shot 2017-06-18 at 2.29.51 PM

Especially its October, please do carry proper snow jacket you might get snowfall at that time.

Day 1: – It was a long weekend every on from work was leaving early. We also decided to start early so around five we have begun towards Hartford, Vermont. We reached the Quality Inn Hartford on late night. And we called the day and went to respective rooms.

Hartford, VT (Day 2)

It is like a tiny town with very less population. But it’s beautifully situated in front of the big hill and stayed at the Quality Inn. Captured some stills

Quechee George Bridge, VT (Day 2)

On the way to Medon and Skyline drive, we got a beautiful sight of fall on the Quechee George Bridge. It is a perfect view of the bridge built on top of the stream. And both the side it covers with the forest.

Rogers Rd, Bridgewater Corners, VT (Day 2)

This was the surprise place on our trip. It was so beautiful that we have to pull over for small photo session.

Mendon, VT (Day 2)

After the sudden stop, we decided to find someplace where we can have lunch. So we found an authentic countryside restaurant, must-visit. The restaurant’s name is Maple Sugar & Vermont Spice, which must have is Maple Syrup. You can order pancake or waffles but make sure you taste the maple syrup, it’s one of the best.


Skyline Drive, VT (Day 2)

The skyline drive is fantastic, and the place is called Mount Equinox Summit. It almost 7-mile ride to reach the top and make sure you have a four-wheel drive. Because as you are entering the top the wind will pick up, and it will be powerful winds. As soon as we reached the top, it started snowing.

Finally, we head back to our hotel to take a much-needed rest.

Day 3

We started at 9 AM a little early so that we can cover as much place as possible. So while going along the way, we have found loads of beautiful places. But we were not able to stop because the snow started. But we tried to cover one spot at least.


Franconia Notch State Park, VT

It’s a paradise for anyone who wants to enjoy the skiing and fall. It has a lovely park with a waterfall, it was snowing a little we decided to go inside the park, and it was a perfect beauty.

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